Is there any such thing as an oversensitive clitoris

Feb 11, - The clitoris has a glans, a foreskin (also known as the hood), erectile tissue and a teeny-tiny shaft. It even swells when it's aroused! Good thing it's mostly hidden—it saves the ladies from having to measure and compare with their friends It Grows. The clitoris actually grows during a woman's lifetime. No, it. Clitoris problems Jesse. Age: 20. I'm a delicate asian model, my skin is supple and soft He thinks that direct contact is what all women want. We always go into it with happiness and excitement. Aug 3, - NO exceptions! NO reminders! Sensitivity is the primary reason I don't care for oral sex being performed on me, I can easily leave it. I don't even touch my own clitoris directly, the only thing that does is water in the bath tub! And, if the string from tampons works it's way upward it will irritate and hurt me to the. Vanessa. Age: 23. I am Brigitte, I am very sexy and sensual Clit Too Sensitive (Page 1) Jul 1, - As a reault, touching the clitoris feels like touching the glans—except for one thing. The clitoris and the glans each contain some 7, sensory nerve endings, a greater concentration of touch-sensitive nerves than any other part of the body. But the clitoris packs them into a volume only about one-tenth the. Apr 28, - Is there anything that can be done for clitoral pain? I have a painful clitoris that swells, itches, and hurts throughout the month. I have had pain with this for years now and no doctor can find anything wrong with it. The only physical evidence is tiny white specks of discharge way back under the "hood." But if I.

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Cammie. Age: 26. I am a young energetic sexy latina with long legs and a perfect body Whenever my man tries to manually stimulate me, I won't let him bc my clit is too sensitive to be touched .I try but after a few seconds it is too much to bare, it's between a pain and a tickleing I have to make him stop Could this be why i've never had an orgasm Ever? And sex just. Feb 19, - I find fingering/insertion into my vagina to be really uncomfortable, and my clit is too sensitive for direct stimulation. It gives my clit too much direct stimulation, and when that happens, nothing feels pleasurable anymore. There's no "normal" with either of these, or everything in between, just variation. Sep 4, - Its official name is the commissure, and it's a lot like the foreskin of a man's penis. Think of it as your clit's bodyguard, keeping all that sensitive tissue safe from irritants. There's also a shaft right under the clitoral hood to help connect the head and legs. It's a serious hub of pleasure: your clitoris packs around.


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