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The Bartholin glands are located under the skin on either side of the opening of the vagina. They release a fluid that helps with lubrication during sexual intercourse. If the Bartholin glands become blocked, a cyst can form, causing a swollen bump near the opening of the vagina. Bartholin gland cysts usually are not painful. Genital Lymphedema | Cleveland Clinic Sharon. Age: 26. Hi my name is cristina, i am nice and easy going, fun loving and sociable. Transrectal repair of rectocele: Support Center Support Center. Aug 2, - Symptoms. A small posterior vaginal prolapse (rectocele) may cause no signs or symptoms. Otherwise, you may notice: A soft bulge of tissue in your vagina that might protrude through the vaginal opening; Difficulty having a bowel movement; Sensation of rectal pressure or fullness; A feeling that the rectum. Jessa. Age: 28. Open minded Genital Lymphedema Aug 14, - Those sacs may become infected and inflame the colon surrounding them. Signs and symptoms of diverticulitis include abdominal pain; tenderness, usually on the left side; and fever. The inflamed colon may stick to and erode into other organs, producing fecal discharge from the bladder or vagina. Genital lymphedema is a buildup of fluid that causes swelling in the soft tissues of the genital area. It also circulates fat from the small intestine. Treatment (surgery or radiation) of malignant tumors in the genital region, such as the prostate, bladder, testicles, penis, cervix, ovaries, vulva, or rectum; Surgical removal of.

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Presley. Age: 24. Gorgeous blonde highly reviewed hottie Vaginal metastasis of colorectal cancer should be included in the differential diagnosis of a vaginal swelling. There is no proposed standard treatment The second report was in by Raider, which included a series of four cases of vaginal adenocarcinoma from colon cancer were presented. The vaginal lesions were. WHAT IS A RECTOCELE? A rectocele is a herniation (bulge) of the front wall of the rectum into the back wall of the vagina. The tissue between the rectum and the vagina is known as the rectovaginal septum and this structure can become thin and weak over time, resulting in a rectocele. When rectoceles are small, most. Dec 14, - irritation of the genital area; discharge that may be white, gray, watery, or foamy; inflammation, leading to redness and swelling of the labia majora, labia minora, and perineal area, mainly due to an excess of immune cells; dysuria, which is pain or discomfort when urinating; painful sexual intercourse.


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