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Jun 20, - It wasn't & I'm too old to be spanked! >: . Will this recent spanking alter your behavior? Yes. I'm human and not perfect, however I will never do THAT again. Probably not l can't stay out of trouble. There was nothing to alter I shouldn't have been spanked! This concludes the poll, stay out of trouble. Parenting and Spanking - Mister Poll Tory. Age: 21. Heya! My name Amy and I'm the one you've been looking for!! Used to be spanked, but hadn't been in some time. We spanked all three girls until the age of eight and found the punishment effective to that point, but since stopping, have found groundings and removal of privileges to work just as well. Sep 29, - I believe in good old fashioned bare bottom spankings when children misbehave. Not the only thing to use but very helpful if done properly. Please share your views of corporal punishment. Do you practice spanking? Always. Sometimes. Never. With which do you spank your child with? My hand. A Paddle. Jessie. Age: 20. ???? Party Friendly???? Spanking my daughter. Jul 12, - She has to ask politely for me to spank her. She has to thank me for spanking her when I'm finished. She has to count each stroke. She has to thank me for each stroke and ask for the next one. I usually let her take her spanking without doing that. What does her bottom usually look like after a spanking? Apr 6, - This is a poll to find out about girls who are still spanked, as all my daughters are,how, what for, and what with. Are you a girl who is still spanked? Other who spanks. Teacher who spanks. Yes. Parent who spanks. No. If you are still spanked, how old are you? Where are you.

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Szilvia. Age: 22. i am a loving girlfriend, a seductive mistress, sophisticated muse for as long as you like. I know how to behave, how to dress... And how the world works. I adore intelligent, well behaved men and women... Sep 27, - Survey of your experience growing up and as a parent now or what role spanking might play if you later became a parent as a method of punishment. Social norms often say spanking is no longer acceptable but yet it is heard that parents still spank their children. SPANKING in this poll is defined as. Jul 3, - It is without doubt spanking is an effective form of punishment. However, there are often some undesired effect associated with spanking. This survey is important for my survey. All female who has experienced spanking as a child/teen are welcomed. Kindly note that this is not a survey for spanking involving. Jun 8, - This is a poll concerns asking one's parents for a spanking. The intention is for adults who are recalling an instance from their past but is also open to those who still have a relationship with their parents who have recently asked or are considering asking. When did you ask, or thinking of asking your parents.


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