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Apr 24, - Try this: The Emulator 1. Get some Jell-O gelatin and break it up by swishing a spoon around it 2. Place all the Jell-O into a tube-like container that you can fit your schlong into 3. Put on a condom 4. Go to town 5. Smell your non-deodorized armpits to emulate the smell of sex (j/k!!!) The Stranger 1. Lay down. Male Masturbation - 6 Ways To Make It Better Than Sex Jazy. Age: 20. White and Hispanic blonde small 4'10 skin waist hazel eyes fun energetic no African American men and no bare back available all day every day no private numbers in calls only! If it's long, then suck on your own thing, like a tootsie roll pop. We should talk about how movies and shows are so often crafted to appeal to the creepiest rape fantasies. Oct 19, - 8) The best way to masturbate is with a realistic vagina. Of all the ideas in this article, this one has the most potential to change the way you masturbate forever. If you're interested in techniques to maximize your pleasure and have stronger orgasms, this is the one for you. Using a realistic vagina provides the perfect  How to improve masturbation. Jessa. Age: 25. i am a young wild lady,open minded with big fantasy. I can travel anywhere. I love meeting new people, trying new things,fun and sex. If u are looking for nice company with smart girl but wild mind contact me ;)) have a nice day priscilla :) What is the best, most realistic way for a man to masterbate? i dont find jamming a piece of plastic into my pussy simulates sex in any way shap eor form. having even just my lovers fingers inside of me is soooo much better. as for how to make masturbation a bit more realistic for guys, no clue other than some technique involving lots of lube. Allonym, May 24, Nov 7, - So we can agree that masturbation probably first happened with a bare hand -- probably well before the s, if you can believe it. Maybe . The Autoblow takes the basic premise of a Fleshlight -- a fake, semi-realistic vagina with a tail -- and adds a new dimension of awesome that the old Fleshlight failed.

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Michaela. Age: 28. overnight Male masturbation can be even better than sex if you do it right. Most guys just take a few minutes out of their day to polish one off, but if you embrace it and enjoy it rather than just try to get it over with, you can give yourself an orgasm that is out of this world. Here's how to make male masturbation absolutely incredible! Jul 21, - Because there's more than one way to rub one out. you get some new ideas, BuzzFeed asked people of all ages, genders, and sexualities to describe the nitty-gritty of how they actually masturbate. .. "Instead of gripping it and jerking like most guys, I lay my penis flat on my belly and rub it until I cum. Experts have also come forward to provide instructions to make sure it's done in a safe and highly satisfying manner. Popular Methods of Male Masturbation. Men usually masturbate with manual stimulation of the penis. This can be done with either hand, but usually the hand that provides the most control will be used.


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