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I am a woman that loooves a hairy chest, this board is for women like myself, Enjoy! | See more ideas about Hairy chest, Hairy men and Handsome guys. Shaving accounts: A brief overview of depilation fetishes | drmarkgriffiths Teddi. Age: 26. with amazing lips, beautiful body and xxl busty titts Even in a big city, seeing hair remains just as much the norm, as seeing none. More From Sex Talk Realness. Jan 6, - Smooth From Head To Toes: A true, personal story from the experience, I Am Male and I Love to Shave My Body. Well, it has been a long process to accept my fetish for body shaving. I started trimming my leg and torso in my early twenties. Did not want to go all the way by fear of being seen hairless in. Brooke. Age: 29. Xxxx anja Smooth From Head To Toes Hair fetishism, also known as hair partialism and trichophilia, is a partialism in which a person sees hair – most commonly, head hair – as particularly erotic and sexually arousing. Arousal may occur from seeing or touching hair, whether head hair, axillary hair, chest hair or fur. Head-hair arousal may come from seeing or. Jul 15, - But I think it keeps me from sweating as much down there and that's really the only reason I keep doing it. Man D: I shave my pubes for aesthetic reasons. I've got very little body hair, so a big hairy mass of pubes just doesn't look good. I also enjoy the feeling of the smooth skin. When I first started shaving.

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Dayna. Age: 22. Are you lonely in Brasov and looking for a company of a beautiful, sophisticated, classy girl ? Do you wish for a quality time, where passion, sensuality, seduction and nice conversation to come normally, like you have just met an old friend ( or lover :)) ? then, I just might be the right a woman for you, and we may share an unique experience, the total satisfaction, relaxation and pleasure you are looking for Feb 2, - For these people the sight of hair, anywhere ― chest, head, armpit, legs, face, pubic bone ― causes an arousal. Even the cutting or shaving of one's hair can get someone all hot and bothered. While there may not seem to be anything especially appealing about hair, especially if you don't have a hair fetish. While I find chest hair on some guys attractive,should men sing about their own Said guy (the same one who gave me a major arm hair fetish) had some chest hair. He was the only . w/r/t the "Kojak" - I was never fond of coordinating my manic schedule with my esthetician, or nicking my achilles while shaving in a rush. Jun 11, - If you shave your hairy legs today, and it doesn't make you feel any "cleaner" tomorrow, rest assured, the hair will return. Similarly, let's say you shave your chest hair and discover that, without it, you look similar to a plucked chicken. Squawk not, your feathers will eventually grow back. It is true that bikers.


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