Masturbation makes my stomach hurt

A health care professional should be immediately consulted if either of these problems occurs. Along with dildos and vibrators, some women may use other objects while they are masturbating which can cause stomach pain and other complications. Some of the common items women use include bananas, tapered candles. Masturbation makes my stomach hurt ? - Sexual Health - Women Forum - eHealthForum Alda. Age: 21. Hello my dear Gentlemens!!!My name is Sonata, I'm an erotic model and escort girl with a big class Your appendix is not one of the more important organs in your body but it can become very serious if god forbid it were to ever burst. Start new discussion Reply. Feb 11, - I have been having stomach problems after masturbation. Dhruv Gupta, MD answered this What Causes Stomach Pain After Masturbation? I was told that it was an inflamed nerve in my back where one of the vertebra was pressing or aggravating the nerve sending a "false" pain that makes it seem its. Shazia. Age: 22. 5'7", 120lbs Severe stomach pain after masturbation. So I'm a 17 year old virgin. And I only recently started masturbating. But even that causes me pain I use a dildo and when its in me, it kinda hurts. Actually, every thrust makes my stomach hurt. I get a strange feeling, kinda as if the dildo is hitting my stomach or something. And I get this urge to pee. Oct 4, - It's probably because masturbation can cause mild contractions of the uterus, and if you're doing it multiple times a day then it's going to be more obvious than if people only do it occasionally. Does the pain feel kind of like period pain? If so, it's probably your uterus contracting slightly. The other thing you.

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Francesca. Age: 19. Short and sexy Mar 4, - 21 yrs old Female asked about Severe stomach pain after masturbation, 2 doctors answered this and people found it useful. food as it increases my pain.i have marked several times that this happens to me only after i i am an completely normal person. i have visited many gynaecs. This is an embarrassing question, but I don't know what else to do. So yesterday I was self-pleasuring myself in the manner typical for most men. At the immediate point of orgasm, I had this incredible shooting pain in the area where my appendix is. It was on the left side of my body just below my stomach. Hello doctor,. I am a 21 year old male. My problem is that I am having pain in the lower abdomen region after masturbation or doing anything related to sex. I have this issue for the past 15 days. I used to masturbate often in the past, but I quit that a week ago. But, the pain is still on and off. Please help me out in knowing my.


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