Why is a womans virginity important

Aug 23, - A woman's sexual purity became very important because of this. Her virginity was seen as one of the most important things about her. Sexuality was also, of course, also regulated by religion, which made sex shameful and taboo outside of marriage. And for the most part, contraception was unattainable. Why is virginity so important to you? - Ask the Guys - WaitingTillMarriage Belle. Age: 21. so you are absolutely right with me! It amounts to saying 'Boys will be boys! Specifically, the group contemplated the matter of virginity. Looking to Deut. 22, it would seem far more important for a woman to enter marriage as a virgin than a man. In terms of a counseling situation, a man has greater cause to end marriage plans based on revelations of a woman's sexual history than a. Birgitta. Age: 28. Tall, 36DDD, hwp, red head 5 Reasons Why We Need to Ditch The Concept of Virginity For Good For me Virginity is very very important, but it isnt necessarily a deal breaker, but if im interested in a woman and at the point that im meeting her she believes that premarital sex is ok that is the first deal breaker for me. She could have been a completely different person at the time that she believed that. Jul 14, - “Your virginity is your most important gift brought to marriage.” “It's better to get married quickly than risk falling into the temptation of premarital sex.” “If you're not both virgins when you're married, your marriage will suffer for years.” If you are a young man or woman raised in the church, you are told from.

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Alli. Age: 27. Hello, I am Margo - I am 21 years old, just move to Warsaw Dec 18, - Researchers credit the shift from a hunting and gathering to an agricultural-based patriarchal society. Once men owned property that they could pass on to sons, it became very important to make sure you knew your wife's kids were your own. By ensuring she was a virgin when you married her, you could. Jul 13, - the legal, social, and financial value of virginity have somewhat declined in modernity (despite a slight jump in importance over the last 30 odd years), the underlying myth has been strangely persistent. Even sexually knowledgeable modern pundits still float the concept in their writing. One young woman. Although I don't think it is right to lose your virginity before marriage, I do not judge people that do. its their decision that they made themselves. And I think no matter what a woman does (if she saves herself or doesn't) someone is always going to judge her. but in the end its all your decision that matters. But, my decision is.


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